Los Compadres has been serving Sonoran Style Mexican food in the Valley of the Sun for over 50 years. What is the secret to this sustained success? Family.

When Josephine Picazo, founder of Los Compadres, started her first restaurant in Miami, AZ in 1938, it was at the urging of her family and friends. Her motivation in pursuing the business venture was to provide for her family. Her family worked with her as she began a legacy that would continue forward for three generations. It is her family who is keeping that legacy alive today.

The family tradition was passed onto her daughters Lucia Valdivia and Maria Estle Gama, when Los Compadres first opened in Phoenix in 1958. Lucia and Mary worked with Josephine and their father Anselmo to establish Los Compadres on 7th Ave as Phoenix’s favorite place to get homemade family recipe Mexican food. The restaurant quickly became a staple for many Phoenician families.

Fast forward another 25 years and this time it was Lucia’s children who decided to keep the family tradition alive. With the help of her five children, Lucia opened Los Compadres on Northern Ave. in April of 1985. The business once again quickly became the go to place for the families in the surrounding neighborhood.

Today Lucia’s son Danny Valdivia operates Los Compadres on 7th Ave. While her son David Valdivia and his wife Anne own Los Compadres on Northern Ave. and operate the business with the help of their children. With Josephine’s recipes at the core of it all, the family takes pride in working together to serve quality food that is made fresh in their kitchens everyday.